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Font Awesome Problems

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome gives us scalable vector icons which can instantly be customized size, drop shadow, color and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

Why Font Awesome does not work sometime?

Problems of Font Awesome with Internet Explorer (Version 8,9) - Font Awesome not showing in IE7,8,9:

  • When someone tries to use FA with Internet Explorer, it shows square characters instead of fonts and symbols.
  • Sometimes internet explorer shows error that your webpage is not working.
  • Sometimes when someone tries to hover the FA, the size of FA is increased.
Font Awesome not working

Problems of Font Awesome with Mozilla Firefox - Font Awesome not loading in Firefox:

  • Same as internet explorer, FA does not properly work on Firefox. When someone is using font awesome with Firefox, the FA does not render in Firefox browser.
  • It shows square characters like internet explorer.
  • Many programmers complained to Firefox but still it is not solved.
  • In newly version of Firefox, sometime it works sometime is shows as broken characters.
  • Actually the main reason is that Firefox prevents the direct or indirect access to other server file which helps to prevent hackers and other messy peoples from attempting hacks or possible damages to others content and data.

Problems of Font Awesome with mobiles (iOS, Android, etc.) - Font Awesome not working with mobile (iOS, Android):

  • When someone tries to use font awesome with android, it shows rectangle character because android 2.1 is not support font awesome while 2.2 and 2.3 are partially support font awesome. But still most of the apps of 2.2 and 2.3 are shows rectangle character.
  • Same as android, font awesome is also not work properly with iOS apps. If you are using earlier version of iOS (before iOS 5) then font awesome will not work. It will show same square character like other browsers and OS. The font awesome icons are not rendering in iOS.

Problems of Font Awesome with Photoshop - Font Awesome not working in Photoshop:

  • Same as Mac OS, when someone tries to use font awesome in Photoshop, it shows nothing. Also if someone copy and paste these icons from browsers to Photoshop, it will not work. It just shows blank spaces. Here, I explained all the problems which occurred when someone tried to use Font Awesome for their websites, apps or Photoshop.


ICONION is the solution of all the problems which I explained. When anyone uses ICONION for Font Awesome, it shows exact character which you want to use. It will not give blank character.

To do this you have to install ICONION tool. This tool is compatible for all the browsers, apps and Photoshop. Once you installed this software, one can easily use all the Font Awesome characters which are given in this tool.

First you have to open www.iconion.com. After that you can download this tool for your desktop or laptop. This tool is very easy install and use.


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