Online Form Builder | Review 2022

The importance of a good site

Today every decent company needs the website. It’s very important for business as any site is the face of an organization. Every client can conclude if it wouldn’t be possible to use the website. The ugly and unusable site shows disrespect and inattentiveness to people. If a client visits such a site he goes to competitors. That’s why it’s so important to make a site properly and help a person to get pleasant emotions during the process of collaboration with the website. One of the most important things on the site is the work with the client. Here we talk about forms. Sometimes it’s necessary to ask a person about the precise information and the construction of the form can be not very simple.

Of course, the creation of any website is quite expensive that’s why you can try Mobirise. It’s a very useful application for people who never dealt with site creation. You don’t need to know anything about coding or design. It’s possible just to drag blocks from the list of created layout and change different elements (buttons, colors, paddings, images, cards and so on) in the way you want.

Online Form Builder

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Online Form Builder features

Obviously, with Mobirise, you can create an awesome form. It’s possible to do with stunning Form Builder. This extension would help you to create a form with a really difficult structure and a big number of different fields.

With Online Form Builder, it’s possible to create not only text fields but radio buttons with selection options, checkboxes, number and phone fields, runner, time block, calendar and so on. So basically, you can get any necessary information about your client, which you might need. Moreover, it’s possible to change the options of the precise field. You can change the placeholder, name, value, width. It’s possible, also, to set the label and make the field required. With the runner, you can set the number of steps, min and max values. So basically, the final form would be fully customized and have all the necessary options to get the required information from your client.

Using forms

It’s necessary to mention that you wouldn’t have to upload the form to your server or manipulate it manually for proper work. All forms would be processed by Formoid ( it’s another application ). All you would have to do is to set your email (where you want to get the messages) in the Notification Email or Action URL field and publish your website.

Mobirise Website Builder installation

So, if you see all the advantages of Mobirise Website Builder and the Form Builder extension, let’s figure out how to use them.

If you never used Mobirise before, you would have to install this application. To do that, please follow this link: https://mobirise.com/ The installation would take 40 seconds approximately. Then you would have to register. It’s possible to do with your Facebook or Gmail account (or with any other email). The procedure would take even less than 40 seconds.

Finally, the application is installed and you need to upload the Online Form Builder extension. Open the main menu in the upper left corner and click on Extensions and Themes tab. In the Search Field, which is located in the right upper corner of the current window, type Form Builder. Then, click on the basket icon. Finally, you would get the instruction, which would help you to install the extension.

Bootstrap Form Builder

Then, you would need to create a new project. Go back to the main menu and click on Sites -> Create New Site. After that, you would need to choose any theme you want and click on it. Then you would have two options: Add Blank Page or choose the created template.

Online Form Builder

Finally, when you created and modified your project, you can drag the Form Builder block to your project. To do that, click on the Add Block to Page button, it’s located in the right bottom corner. In the right column, click on the Forms tab. Then choose the Form block from the left column and drag it to your project.

After that, you would need just to click on the block and you would be transferred to the Form Builder window. All content would be distinguished in three zones. The first column presents all possible fields, which you can use in your final version of the form. The middle column consists of the chosen fields and options, which would be in your form. And the last column helps you to work and modify fields. You can change the options of one field and options of the whole form with the help of the third column.

When your form is finished, you can click on the green button in the right bottom corner of the Form Builder window.

In the end, it’s necessary to add your email, where you will receive the messages. Click on the form for one more time and write your email in the Notification Email or Action URL field. If it’s necessary, you can write a success message, which your client would get, when the message would be sent. If everything is correct, click on the green button in the right bottom corner.


Finally, you can publish your work.

As you can see, Mobirise Website Builder and its Online Form Builder extension are extremely useful in the process of fully customized form creation.

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