How to use fonts in Mobirise Best Website Builder Free

The importance of Fonts

There so many different sites. Every site has its theme and idea. On the internet, you can find selling sites, sports agencies, advertising companies, internet stores, IT companies and so on. Here we are going to discuss the usage of the fonts in Mobirise Website Constructor.

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It’s quite obvious that each site has its design and layout system. Every project has an impact on the user. There are some tools, which help to create this effect. Usually, for the creation of the UI design, there might be used the color system, layout grid, specially selected images, and fonts.

Despite that a lot of people don’t pay attention to the fonts at all, the font is one of the most important elements in the design. Some designers say that you can create a stunning site only with a proper font combination.

There are so many different font types: grotesque, serif, slab serif fonts and so on. Each of them has a great number of different variations.

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If you want to create some playful atmosphere in your work, you could try grotesque or slab serif fonts. In the case, if you are going to present some serious information or exquisite goods, it would be better to try out serif fonts.

So, as you can see, fonts are extremely important. If you create your site by designing and coding, it could be quite difficult. You would have to combine different pairs manually, then download them if you don’t have them on your PC. Finally, it would be necessary to create the code for your site.

Fonts in Mobirise

If you are using the Mobirise Best Website Builder Free, you wouldn’t have to think of those things. The templates already contain good pair combinations. If you want to change some font, you can do that with the Edit Sites Styles option. You can easily choose another font from the project, where you work, from Google Fonts, and upload it from your PC. Also, it’s possible to choose the color and the size of your font.

Now we have a new option for fonts editing. You can change fonts for different categories of the text in the code just with the Mobirise Best Website Builder Free. It’s an extremely useful option.

How to work with fonts in Mobirise

So, let’s discuss how you can do that.

When you installed the Mobirise Best Website Builder Free, chose the template and created the project, you can change some elements. The change of the font is very simple.

You need just to click on the text, which you want to edit. In the contextual menu, you need to choose the text option and click on the brush icon. Finally, you would be transferred to the Edit Sites Style menu.

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There’s even a more simple way to go to that menu. You need to click on the Edit Sites Styles button in the right bottom corner of your project.

So in the appeared menu, you can see three categories: Colors, Fonts, and Options. In the Fonts part, there are 5 different font types, used in the project: Title1, Title2, Title3, text, and menu. To change a certain type, you need just to click on it. In the submenu, it’s possible to choose another font from the current project or upload more fonts. To upload more font, click on a green button More Fonts.

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Finally, there would be a menu with three tabs: Browse Computer, Google Fonts and Site Fonts. Click on the Browse Computer tab to upload the font from your computer. If you want to choose the font from the Google Fonts, click on the second tab. If you wish to look through the fonts of the site, you need to choose the last tab.

When you have added or removed some font, you need to click on the OK button, so all the changes could be applied to your work.

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Work with fonts via Code Editor

There’s one more way to manage your fonts. It’s necessary to have the Code Editor extension. You can add it in Extensions and Themes part of Mobirise.

Go to the Edit Site Styles and click on the Edit in Code Editor button. So you would see three windows with the code, which you can change: Static Styles, Dynamic Styles, and Site Parameters. At the first two windows, you can set the parameters for categories of elements. In the Site Parameters window, it’s possible to change the color.



So, as you can see it’s very easy to work with the fonts in Mobirise application even if you never worked with sites ever before.

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