Photography Website Design in Minutes - Express Tutorial 2021

A website builder is a tool that supports the user to build any website, including photography websites without coding. Website builders are of two types, offline and online website builders.

Different web hosting companies usually present the online version of website builders. These tools are created for users to construct their private website.

photography website template

On the other hand, the offline version permits the user to construct the site on their computer with the help of software and then publish it on any hosting. One of the most popular website builder tools is Mobirise.

Mobirise and PhotoM4

Do you want to create a photography website but don't even know the basics of coding? If that is the case, then don't worry because Mobirise has a solution for you, and that solution is PhotoM4.

Mobirise is a website builder that enables the user to create any website, including a photography website. Mobirise Website Builder has brought the PhotoM4 photography website template, especially for photographers so that they can produce a photographer website quite easily.

Other than the photography website template, Mobirise also contains various different themes that you can get from their official website.

Download Mobirise

How to create a photographer website?

Thanks to Mobirise website builder that has made the creation and designing process of photographer website much easier. To create the photographer website, the first thing that you need to do is to download the Mobirise website builder from their official website or some other source.

Bootstrap photography template

  • Choose PhotoM4 theme Once you are done with the download process, go to the Mobirise and get the PhotoM4 photographer website theme.
  • Design the content Following this, open the PhotoM4 photography website template on Mobirise website builder and start adding content for your photographer website. The PhotoM4 theme works on drag and drops ability. You need to drag the desired portion and drop it on your website, that it's your website is completed. It's so easy that a person with beginner level knowledge can easily use it.
  • Publish your website After completing the designing process of your photographer website, you can publish the website on any hosting. You can also publish the designed site on a famous content management system known as "Wordpress."


Mobirise Website Builder offers a lot of benefits. One significant advantage is that it allows the user to create any type of website by doing drag and drop.

Other than this, it contains multiple themes which make things easier for the user, and the best part is that you don't need to have any understanding of coding because you can create any form of a site without it.

However, its free software, but some extensions are available as paid sources while some are free to use. These extensions extend the software's features, but it's not necessary to purchase them.

Bootstrap 4 photography template

Another benefit of using Mobirise is that it supports the user to create a mobile-friendly website and google loves the mobile-friendly site, which will help in boosting the ranking of your website.

Moreover, Mobirise Website Builder also supports Google AMP, which also improves the website speed. Mobirise website builder grants a total control to the user. After creating the website, the user has full control to host their site at any platforms.

The 2000+ blocks present in Mobirise aid the user in finding anything that they want. Pick up to desired blocks and attach it to the page, that it's your website is ready. This is how easy it is to use Mobirise website builder.

Why Choose Mobirise?

The first and foremost important thing that makes Mobirise user’s first choice is its easy-to-use interface. It works on drag & drop, which I believe every single person, even with basic computer knowledge, can do it.

So if you are a non-techy person who is not familiar with the web development process, then you must try Mobirise. Mobirise is created for non-techies who don't know much about web development.

These platforms keep things easier for the user. Another great thing about Mobirise is that it offers various free website themes, including a photography website template.

Another thing that will encourage you to use the Mobirise is its Bootstrap builder. It is among the most powerful mobile framework that makes the website work faster. Even if you don't know about coding, you can still become part of a rapidly growing bootstrap community.

How Mobirise Works?

The working principle of Mobirise is straightforward. Users don't need to grind about creating the website on Mobirise.

  • Drag blocks Mobirise Builder provides more than 2 thousands website blocks in fifty-plus premium and five free HTML themes that contain sliders, timelines, images, videos, light box, sliders, counters, data tables, call-to-action, counters, full-screen intros, progress bar, forms, social blocks, intros, Google maps, and many more things. You need to select the photography website template and then start dragging blocks to a page. The user can include any block at any portion of the page according to the desire.
  • Edit Blocks User can edit every single section of blocks. You can increase/decrease text size, change the font and its color, insert images, videos, or icon, and many other things.
  • Preview After doing all the settings, the user can preview the website page. Previewing a website page will help you to know about the looks of the page which will assist you in finding any flaw within the page. You can choose any device include PC, mobile, etc. to see how the website looks on that device.
  • Publish Once you are done with all the process, the last thing you need to do is the hit the publish button. Publish your website on some host will make your site live on the internet.


If you are in search of a website builder, then you must try Mobirise. It's free, easy to use, and compatible with Windows & Mac Operating System. Mobirise and PhotoM4 are two primary sources that can help you to build a Photographer website or any other website easily and quickly.

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