HTML5 Video Generator to Try Out - EasyHTML5Video Review

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Today HTML5 video becomes a new trend as it’s very useful for representation in browsers. Now it’s a standard way to add a video to your site. Though it’s not easy to transfer your video into this HTML5. It’s necessary to look for a converter and make these versions of your file .OGG, MP4, WebM. After that, you need to check the compatibility with old browsers like IE. Then you need to check Flash video player. And finally, you write a code to link all this and a HTML5 video poster for your video add in it.

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You can easily avoid this procedure with EasyHTML5 Video. You can create an HTML5 Video format for several minutes. All you need to do is to add a video into the application, add some settings and click on the “Start” button. After that, you would see a page with images, videos, and code. All the necessary elements of HTML5 format would be at your disposal. You can make your life much easier with this program.

Advantages of EasyHTML5 Video

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It’s possible to upload your video directly to your YouTube channel or your webpage. When you would finish the editing process, you would have three options: Publish to folder, Publish to FTP server and Insert to page. The application supports a great number of different formats, more than 300. You can upload to EasyHTML5 Video latest H.265 and VP9, AVI and MOV. So basically, you can convert almost every video in HTML5 format with Easy HTML5 Video. Generated videos would be perfectly represented on all devices and browsers, which support HTML5 format. The usage of Easy HTML5 Video is extremely simple. It takes only three steps to transfer your video into the final format. The layout of the program is obvious, you wouldn’t have to read any manual to work with this app.

One of the main pros is that you can upload the video directly to your site without using YouTube or other paid services. That’s extremely useful.

The final version of the video would be compatible with MP4, WebM, FLASH, Ogg, MP4 LOW. HTML5 format might be used in the most popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Google. IE. It means that you can choose this format for sure. Also IOS, Android and Windows support HTML5.

In the settings of the app, you can choose the size of your video from the lowest (240px) to 4k UHD. Moreover, it’s possible to choose the custom size, keep ratio, crop or add letterbox. And off course, you can choose the quality of the video (low, normal or high).

It’s possible to add Autoplay, Controls, Loop, and Watermark to the video without a line of code. Also, you can add a poster to your project.

How to work with EasyHTML5Video

As it was said earlier, the application has a very simple design, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to use it.

  • When you open EasyHTML5Video, you see two options Select new video and Drag-and-Drop here or select one from a recent list. So, you can both drag the necessary video to the application’s window or select one from the list. Then, you would see the main window, where you can bring some changes to your file.

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  • In the upper right corner, you can customize the app. Click on the gear icon. In the opened list, you can choose Language, Batch Mode, Register, and About option. The batch mode helps you to work with several videos simultaneously.
  • Near gear icon, you can click on New video or Batch Mode. It would let you add one or several new videos.
  • In the right column, it’s possible to choose the size of your future video and set the quality. Below, you can choose further options for your video: Autoplay, Controls, Loop, and Watermark. Below the window, you can choose a poster. In the last row Title, it’s possible to name your file.
  • When you’ve prepared your file, you would need to click on Start Button in the right bottom corner of the app. That’s it, your file is converted. Now, you have several options. It’s possible to Publish to Folder, Publish to FTP server and Insert to Page.

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As you can see, Easy HTML5 Video is a very useful tool if you want to upload your video to some page. It helps you painlessly convert video to HTML5 format and gives the necessary code. Easy HTML5 Video supports over 300 formats, so you wouldn’t have any problems during work.