Corporate Website Template Overview

When it comes to launching a new business or revamping an existing one, you will definitely think about starting a good looking website based on modern technologies and current web trends. Once you decided to have a website to promote your business, you can go 2 ways: find someone experienced enough to create a full-functional website or do it yourself using easy-to-manage half-ready web building solutions.

Corporate Website builder

Some of these solutions are website templates. It’s not really hard to find and download free as well as paid templates on the web, but editing them can be a difficult task. You will have to go to the source code, write code lines, change file paths and do a lot of things you need some programming knowledge and expertise for. Another thing is using website builders. These are web design tools that are meant to facilitate the process of editing these website themes and templates for non-coders.

One of the most recommended website builders is Mobirise. What we are interested in is its corporate website template called BusinessM4.

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Easy as Pie

As any landing page, BusinessM4 corporate website template consists of sections or so-called blocks. Mobirise made it easier: you can use these blocks like bricks and literally build your website with them. Unlike building houses, there is more flexibility as far as the web development with Mobirise is concerned. It’s up to you how your website’s going to look like: drag blocks on the page, change their order, embed your own images and videos, type your text and change the appearance of your web pages with particular block settings and your website is ready to be published online. This might sound easy and actually, it’s so.

corporate page template

Super Blocks

BusinessM4 as a free Bootstrap template incorporates many modern web design features that will make your website look professional and sophisticated. First off, there are lots of awesome looking blocks starting with standard must-have blocks like menus, full-screen intros, titles, contact forms and footers ending up with embeddable images and YouTube videos, cards, content blocks, pricing tables, teams, call-to-action blocks, counters, maps, testimonials, clients and partners blocks and much more. You can find over 60 blocks you can combine on your page, design and shape like you want.

corporate website theme

Best Features

Each Mobirise theme features something that makes it stand out among others. The BusinessM4 corporate website template fascinates anyone with its color gradients, animated buttons, title animations, background image overlays, card shadows, icons, hover animations and much more. All this can be adjusted in the parameters of each block: you can choose a background (color, image or video), the layout of the block (boxed, full-width or full-screen), add paddings on top and bottom, show/hide titles, subtitles, texts, buttons and other elements, create a parallax scrolling effect for background images, set a solid or gradient background overlay and a lot more.

Another feature of this free Bootstrap 4 template is the site styles. You can edit them by clicking on the blue brush icon in the right-bottom corner. Here you are able to change font types and their sizes, define colors for buttons, make them round, add a scroll-to-top button and a global animation on-scroll. Using all these features and having a concept of what you really want to have in the end is going to help you build your business website as easily as possible.

free Bootstrap template

Why BusinessM4?

There are a lot of reasons why you can use exactly this corporate website template among other < a href="https://mobirisethemes.com/">website themes and templates to set up a landing page for your business:

  • It’s easy to manage thanks to the user-friendliness of its interface and its drag-and-drop functional principle.
  • Mobirise creates completely responsive and mobile-ready sites because of its Bootstrap-4 basis that lets your landing page resize and accommodate to every device screen delivering the best mobile experience.
  • BusinessM4 includes the most needed features to make your business website look as modernly and professionally as possible.
  • It’s Google-friendly due to its compliance with the standards websites are asked for. You can always do all the SEO modifications in the site settings.
  • BusinessM4 is very flexible and it provides so many blocks and features so that you will never create a website that looks similar to others.

You have a lot of ways to choose from: hards ways of hiring people, spending much time and investing lots of money or just create a website using website builders and its templates like BusinessM4.

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