How to Create a Web Page

It is very common among designers and web developers to believe that it is a critical part of the job they do to follow the trends. Being consistent and up-to-date has been seen as a mandatory part of what they do. As web design tries to meet the ideal of users with the creation of new websites, some old compositions are tossed out, and new ways how to make your own website for free are being adopted. For instance, more web designers are creating pages with vibrant patterns and background, thought narratives with smooth transitions, rich typography, large typography, and contrasting pairs of typefaces while retaining essential parts of landing page design practices like mobile responsiveness.

how to create a web page

Not very long ago, the entire process to create a web page for free required a profound understanding of programming as well as designing and coding skills. To know how to create a web page, the web designer needed to learn how to use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But with a modern landing page maker like Mobirise, this is no longer the case. Today, you won’t need any tech skill to build a fully functional site with the technological solution that Mobirise offers. When you use the landing page maker, you will instantly see the changes you make and adjust it to your preferred choices. This gives you total control of what your website looks like at all times, and there won’t be any surprises when visitors open your website on their devices.

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Based on Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has made it simpler to design responsive websites with its design patterns. Bootstrap 4 – a recent release of the Bootstrap framework – is highly responsive while providing a mobile-friendly designing pattern. The advanced four-tiered classes provide the high capacity to control all the functionalities over the website layout by rendering on different device types. The device types range from large screen widths like LCD screens to small screen widths like mobile phones. As Mobirise is powered by Bootstrap 4, the websites created with it are responsive across various devices.

How it works

It is not difficult to get familiar with the Mobirise website builder interface. The requirement for using this landing page maker does not include payments or subscriptions. To start, simply download it and install the landing page creator. To begin using it after the installation is complete, click on “Sites,” and select “Create New Site.” After which you can simply add website blocks to create what you want your website to look like. Texts can be inserted or typed, and images, as well as videos, can be embedded in only a couple of clicks.

create a web page for free

A significant fraction of the design is already done for you, and all that is left if for you to do is to export the site to anywhere you want to like your local drive, or to a server, or GitHub pages. For people who can’t spend so much time learning new frameworks, Mobirise and also 8b Site Generator eases this process by offering templates for newbies or professionals on a deadline. One of the best parts of using Mobirise is that at all times, you have complete visual control over the appearance of your website before it is published. You control everything you alter, and you will always know what it looks like on mobile devices and tablet with its device width simulations.

Awesome Website Blocks

Websites built with Mobirise are created with pre-designed and pre-defined website block. These website blocks can be found in the free and easy website creator. The free templates from Mobirise have more than 50 modern website blocks which are ranged and listed in a neat order. Some of the various website blocks they contain include:

  • Accordions, tabs, and toggles
  • Animated countdown and counters
  • Article blocks with titles, images, buttons, and lists
  • Video and image sliders, galleries with captures and tags
  • Mobile responsive menus
  • Intros with image background and video backgrounds, radial and linear gradient color overlay, typed title animations, images and video embeds, and subscription forms.
  • Social blocks
  • Footers with reveal effects
how to create a web page

The default content of the website blocks could be quickly edited and changed to be whatever you want. It only takes seconds to embed videos and insert videos. The users have complete control over the website block design. They can change their sizes, adjust the quantity, set background images, and more. All users have to do with these website blocks is add them to their website and edit their content and adjust them to their preferred sizes.

Trendy Features (Extensions & Themes)

How to create a web page using some specific design? In Mobirise, there is a section for themes and extensions for users to apply to their websites. These extensions or add-ons available for Mobirise enhance your web development and expands the possibilities of what it can do. Some of these themes and extensions include. Instagram feed extension, RestaurantM4 Bootstrap Theme, StoreM4 Bootstrap Theme, SEO Extension, PortfolioM4 Theme, and more. These themes are mobile friendly with a lot of options for customization and other additional options. Included in the extensions is auxiliary website blocks like a code editor for HTML and CSS customization, social comments, feed blocks, and icons pack. There are eCommerce solutions among others.

Responsive Design

Mobirise comes with free Bootstrap 4 templates for various purposes. Some of these templates include School templates, One-page templates, and more. Since Mobirise is based on Bootstrap 4, it allows you to create a web page for free. The alternatives to using Mobirise to create such sites will be to pay someone to build or to spend a couple of weeks learning Bootstrap to create what Mobirise can generate for you in under an hour.

create a web page for free

Pro and cons

One significant upside to using Mobirise is the significant amount of time it saves you to create web pages for commercial purposes. Another advantage is that it is a free landing page maker and you won’t have to spend any money to buy everything that it comes with.


Having a mobile-friendly website is a significant advantage for any business or personal website. Most internet users find it more convenient to browse and look at web pages through mobile devices. Using Mobirise will save you a lot of money and time to get a good-looking site that most people would enjoy visiting.

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