7 Reasons to Use Free Web Page Builder

With Mobirise Website Builder, you can conveniently create attractive and latest websites.

Building a winning web design isn’t something everyone is good at. For most people, it’s easier to hire a tech company or web developer to handle their website design and development.

However, this post will show you that it’s possible to design your own website without depending on anyone. We’ll give you reasons to use this free web page builder and tell you how this tool works from scratch to finish.

So, are you ready to create accelerated mobile pages which Google loves and boost ranking? Stay with us and learn more.

7 Reasons Why You Need Mobirise free web page builder

1. Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

When you download and install Mobirise Free Website Builder, you can easily create mobile-friendly websites.


How does this work?

Mobirise has a variety of accelerated mobiles pages with templates which you can try on your website. By combining these blocks together, you get to view a preview of your website.

mobirise website builder mobile app

As a matter of fact, Google and other search engine love websites that are mobile-friendly. In truth, Google algorithms and SEO systems have a way of penalizing websites that refuse to optimize their sites.

Meet your customers where they are. Download Mobirise HTML Builder to get that design that your clients will love to view on their phone.

2. Design Your Personal/Commercial Website

Mobirise is perfect for designing that website of your dreams


It doesn’t matter what your brand is.

best free website builder

These templates are suitable for people in the construction and building industry. Also, artists, beauty store owners, healthcare professionals, and real estate agents utilize these templates for their site.

The following AMP themes are available:

  • WeddingAMP Theme
  • ResumeAMP Theme
  • ArchitectAMP Theme
  • SoundAMP Theme
  • SpaceAMP Theme
  • EventAMP Theme
  • BlackAMP Theme

…and a host of others! So, no matter what your brand goals are, we’ve got the right themes to give your website its destined look.

3. Free Download

No question, building a web design and carrying out web development involves lots of cost. But Mobirise web page builder is free.

Many popular web design companies charge a range of prices to offer their services to small, medium, and large scale businesses.

How does Mobirise work?

We’ll explain.

mobirise website builder

It’s an offline app which you can download on Google Playstore or the Apple store.

What’s more?

You don’t have to pay for anything and unnecessary ads won’t bug you. No restrictions, no obstructions!

4. Enhanced Device Compatibility

Mobirise free mobile website creator works with Windows and Mac devices. In essence, when you design your website, customers can view it easily on their phones, laptops, and laptops.

We understand that device compatibility is important for marketing, SEO, and sales. Hence, our themes and tablets have taken this factor into consideration.

Very easily, you can design your website and preview it on any of your mobile gadgets.

5. No Coding

Most software require coding and other forms of software language. But Mobirise free and awesome Bootstrap Builder is free of all forms of coding.

It’s easy to use and filled with a wide range of styles and blocks. With this benefit, you can say goodbye to the “tech lingo” which you hardly understand.

So, join the league of brands that have impressive website which generate organic traffic and appears on Google’s first page.

6. Multiple Block Options

Again, Mobirise is unique.

Wondering why?

With over 800 blocks and customizable patterns, you can drag and drop whatever features you like on your site. These include:

  • Testimonials
  • Contact Us
  • Call-to-action
  • Google Maps
  • Counters
  • Articles
  • Images & Videos
  • Headers
  • Menu

And more!

All these blocks are modern, creative, and responsive. In the long run, you get a fast and appealing website. Thanks to Mobirise.

7. Reliable Bootstrap Technologies

Another major upside that comes with using Mobirise Free Website Builder Software is the Bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap 3 and 4 are widely accepted as modern technology for fast and well-structured websites.

In addition, since Google now employs accelerated mobile pages (AMP), you’ll be giving Google what it already knows (and loves).


In brief, designing responsive websites is a function of the software you use.

And when you employ a free and easy-to-use app like Mobirise free web page builder, you can trust that your users will thank you. Likewise, Google will be happy with you and boost your ranking.

Download now!