Best Website Builder Software You Must Use

Many people are seeking to establish a website for their personal use or to run their small businesses. While some percentage of people doing so possess strong coding abilities that can build out the website they desire from scratch, most builders need a tool to help them construct their website and to manage the content for it.

CMS And Best Website Builder Software

To get their websites put together, people use website builders or CMS (content management systems). The two terms are often used interchangeably but are not quite the same by definition. While CMS is used to manage the website’s content, the Best Website Builder Software are a more front end visual manifestation of building the website up.

Best Website Builder Software

CMSs run on web servers that house the data and content, giving the website runner control over every area, including choosing the host. Best Website Builder Software are self-contained platforms for hosting, often using proprietary website building tools that are designed with a smooth learning curve and ease of use in mind, making website building easy for users of any skill level.

Heard of Mobirise Website Builder?

Mobirise is a website builder application, compatible with both Mac and Windows systems that allow users to easily create small and medium-sized websites, attractive landing pages, portfolios, and resumes. This platform has a high focus on beginner friendliness, allowing non-technically savvy users to easily use a highly visual, easy to use interface. Mobirise is equally as helpful to seasoned users and professional coders as well who need to get a quick project off the ground for clients or prototyping purposes.

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The high usability allows users to select a theme for their website and then drag and drop theme-based blocks right onto the website. Each block is then editable and customizable with a text editor and an extensive color palette. There is even the ability to select various media elements to add to the block displays, including personal icons, images, and videos.

The blocking outlay can be adjusted using the easy to understand Parameter Panel, allowing any inclusion in the blocked section to be aligned, shifted, or redimensioned to the user’s preference.

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The “Mobile View” button in the Mobirise Best Website Builder Software can allow users to preview what the website currently looks like for various device types. Once satisfied, users can easily publish the websites to the Mobirise subdomain, as well as to FTP or a local drive.

Mobirise themes and templates

Mobirise is jam-packed with theme choices. The Best Website Builder Software includes 5 free themes, alongside over a hundred premium theme choices. It also features over 300 home page templates that include articles, full-screen introductions, countdowns, counters, sliders, lightbox galleries, data and pricing tables, progress bars, call to action templates, images & video, maps, testimonials, free icons, footers, social blocks, and many other special features.

The customized blocks are designed to include the latest trends. To say that there is a wide variety of choices would be understating it quite significantly, as Mobirise makes over 4000 blocks, extensions, and themes available to its users, with more being added every month.

Mobirise Tools

Mobirise offers almost a dozen extensions through its platform to help enhance the functionality of the website to be immensely more robust and professional. For instance, the BlockPack for AMP puts a wide range of AMP-ready state of the art blocks at the users' fingertips, promoting the creation of a versatile website. The Lazy Load extension will allow only a certain amount of blocks to be displayed on your site, reducing the latency of the site’s load time. The additional images will only begin to appear to the viewer as they scroll through the site.

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The PayPal Cart extension easily lets a PayPal option be added to a website to make sales easier to acquire with the common payment option, allowing the connection to the payment service to be generated as a link, button, or popup.

For more experienced users, the Code Editor extension permits high detail customization via a global style editor that allows the editing of code inside of individual blocks. This will even allow the creation of personally designed custom blocks that can then be added to the page.

How to create a website with Mobirise

Creating a professional website without knowing how to code is easier than ever when utilizing the Mobirise tool. The page construction is a simple drag and drop model. On the right-hand side of the site editor, there is a scrollable list of many block choices. These can simply be dragged over to the website slate in the middle and dropped into their desired locations.

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Getting to the design controls is as simple as navigating to a block and clicking the cogwheel that appears in the top right corner. This will open up an expanded window with many different customization options ranging from block size and color to the included features in it (text appearance manipulation, multimedia addition, buttons, and the functionality behind them, etc).

When completed, or just to see a work in progress, the user can simply request to see the site’s preview and when ready, taking it live is as easy as pushing the Publish button.

Pros of using Mobirise

  • The user requires next to no knowledge of website building to use the intuitive Mobirise web building interface without needing to know how to code.
  • Over 4000+ website block choices are available for selection.
  • 5 free and well over 100 premium themes are available to choose from, with more added on a monthly basis.
  • The download, installation, and setup process are free and simple.
  • Some Best Website Builder Software provide an intuitive interface but do not let any background code manipulation to occur, something Mobirise is happy to make available through the Code Editor extension.


A website is a business’s gateway to prospective customers from around the globe and a user’s way of making their voice heard by millions. However, not many of the users who need this kind of outreach are web-savvy. Mobirise alleviates this barrier by presenting an easy to navigate and use platform that is as simple and intuitive as it is diverse and powerful.