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A website should have the inherent quality to support each and every platform it’s viewed on; in the most literal senses, your website needs to look at a broader audience using newer and older devices and allow them a secure, fast and efficient website browsing experience.

Bootstrap and this software is a way of loading your websites on pretty much all kinds of devices (new or old) with the same efficiency it would open on newer platforms. This approach to website creation and display allows you to capture more customers, improve conversions and reduce bounce rates; all of which can result in improved website traffic.

mobile landing page template

With over a billion people with internet, Bootstrap will allow you to reach the ones with slower internet connections and older mobile / computer devices, all the while improving the experience for faster internet connections, making it more mobile-friendly and SEO friendly.

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Mobirise as a Bootstrap Page builder

Mobile is not your run-of-the-mill mobile website builder, it’s one of the most convenient and efficient website builders on the internet right now; it enables the average Joe or Jane to create their own website from scratch and make it look professional and modern.

The best part about creating websites with Mobirise? For starters, it has been designed for non-experienced / non-tech savvy people. It has a bunch of free themes and templates, a ton of modules to pick from, drag and drop features and last but not least, it’s perfect for business of all types.

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Think of a user who’s travelling abroad and has a poor internet connection and needs information / a product desperately. He opens multiple non-Bootstrap website and they don’t load, he then looks at your website created with Bootstrap 4 and is amazed how such a high-end website is running efficiently. This is how you create customers for a long time.

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Bootstrap Themes

With Mobirise, there are a ton of different free Bootstrap templates to choose from; both paid and free, each Mobile Bootstrap Template is created to fulfil the requirements of a certain industry, and each Mobile Landing Page Template looks, feels and runs as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a new Mobile Landing Page Template for your travel blog, tech blog, cooking blog, event blog, or whatever; Mobirise has you covered.

Travel Mobile Landing Page Template

TravelM4 makes travel easy, it has been created with the intention of making travel websites / blogs high-quality, easy to search for specific cities, countries and destinations and more. An example of how great the Mobirise Travel M4 theme is: you have header options where the visitor can search for specific destinations, hotels and sort all the information by date, month, etc.

Free Bootstrap template

With all travel blogs, high-quality, easy-to-access imagery and videos is important. With TravelM4, you can make this whole process simple, high-quality, high-fidelity, professional and minimalist looking.

Website blocks

Mobirise website builder is created from blocks, it has a ton of different features to enable event bloggers / websites to create a professional and high-quality site in little time. It’s a much better option to go for instead of hosting website creators and since Mobirise is not affiliated with any big names, users can also choose to host their website on any hosting website they want.

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There are a variety of website blocks which allow a lot of serious combinations, such as headers, images, videos, date/travel, destinations, many different word and image based modules and more. It’s completely customizable and has a unique palette of colors that is currently very “in” the modern website market.

Awesome Features

Everything about the Mobirise TravelM4 Mobile Landing Page Template screams visit me, or read me. It’s a great way to attract traffic and potential customers. With options like maps, sliders, interactive headers, tabs, header and footers, media blocks, social media blocks, video and image blocks, testimonials, article blocks, location blocks and a lot more.

Bootstrap mobile templates


It’s easy to create a site, it runs efficiently. For a business that is looking for a quick, professional looking website, that runs amazingly. You don’t have to pay a developer any fees, you don’t have to go through extensive web page building processes and most of all, you save money and time.


While this is a great option to go for if you’re a small business / startup, for larger business, the lack of in-depth customizability and the overall lack of uniqueness to the site, it’s not a very good option for corporates and industries.


For small companies and sole buyers wishing to installation an early-on website with low upkeep expenses. It offers enough blocks to permit individual design, at the same time as being affordable to buy and brief to installation.

No coding is needed; it’s only a drag and drop style. In contrast to some of the issues tied to ISPs and weblog website hosting companies, its miles impartial and customers can pick out their personal hosting.