Black AMP Page Template Overview

The landscape of website development has been changing at quite a breathtaking pace where recent trends are resulting in what can just be referred to as a kind of revolution in designing of websites. Recent trends in website development are more focused on producing high-quality website without a lot of work or more accurately with less focus on the code.

AMP Page Template

Now, the development of websites demands that you design with a mobile in mind. You might have recently heard the term Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) thrown around a lot of late. AMPs are simply an open source project that is designed to make really fast mobile pages. As a form of stripped-down HTML, AMPs are lightweight and this contributes to fast loading. AMPs do not use certain tags of the HTML and use a streamlined version of CSS and JavaScript is not allowed at all. AMP provides flexibility as well as higher performance and engagement and these have been crucial to its meteoric rise. The success of AMP can be credited to the collaborative effort of thousands of developers, tech companies, publishers and websites.

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Mobirise as AMP Website Builder

Mobirise is a free offline app for Mac and Windows that enables web development through handing the power over to the user. This means that this app does not burden the user with lines of code but rather makes it as if the users are using a text editor to build websites. Mobirise creates AMP sites without coding as it has multiple responsive AMP templates which you can adjust using the AMP website builder as well as adding new blocks. Mobirise platform has been responsible for assisting developers, web-designers, and companies build mobile-friendly websites within a short period of time.

Free AMP themes and templates

The Mobirise app possesses more than 100 awesome free AMP components and creates a web design that is entirely customizable. The speed of pages created by Mobirise is twice to comparable pages as AMP regulations are quite strict and this result to faster loading pages.

AMP Themes

AMP themes make it easy to use technology to your advantage as they are very easy to use as well as customize. You are able to customize the whole appearance, colors, and fonts among other design parts such as the buttons. AMP themes assist you in building modern websites that will load very fast while increasing its mobile functionality. While there exist tools and tricks that can enable you to optimize your mobile site’s loading times, AMP is quite possibly the best solution as its strict guidelines as well as the number of contributors to the development of these AMP themes.

amp landing page template

Benefits of Mobirise AMP builder are assured when you choose the Mobirise AMP Page Template which can result in an increase in traffic of your website. The Black AMP Templateextends some functionality of your site that makes it easy to manage AMP feature templates without making extensive changes.

Black AMP Theme

This is an extended AMP Theme with more layouts and blocks, forms and icons. By adopting Black AMP, websites have been able to take advantage of the new Google AMP standard and this has resulted in these websites being top ranked as well as load at very fast speeds. The AMP Page Template might look similar to other themes to a certain extent but it comes with more appealing and elegant buttons as opposed to the standard ones found in the other themes. The AMP Page Template gives your website a more colorful feel and the general appearance is cozy. The AMP Page Template is also a foot forward in terms of space utilization as well as being very good in earning your websites top ranks.

Website Blocks

The Black AMP Template consists of modules and website blocks developed considering the current web designing trends. Such website blocks include article blocks, sliders, shop blocks, Headers, and many others which tally up to more than 70. These pre-made website blocks are the essential feature that ensures one can customize and build their websites in minutes. Website blocks may be pre-made but you have the ability to customize them as you wish. These website blocks can be added or rearranged by just drag and drop.

free amp theme

You can further create your own unique website by changing block parameters as you have access to the parameter panel. You have access to many different features.

Available Features

The obvious feature of the Black AMP Page Template is its higher performance which is responsible for the impressive load times of web pages and ads. Since pages that apply Black AMP Theme, they will tend to load more frequently and this will result in the site being ranked quite highly. Engagement is assured in your site since the fast loading pages will provide an opportunity to visitors to interact with more of the futures you offer. The flexibility of the AMP Site Theme allows you to present your content in whatever way that pleases you without any drop in key performances.

Pros and Cons

The AMP Site Theme has quite a number of pros such as the "drag and drop" capability when setting up website blocks which ensure that you can create a professional and yet appealing website in a short time. Modifications are easily done as the Black AMP Theme is quite customizable and a parameters panel is available to make your website unique. Another pro is that you are able to easily manage your websites as well as test how your content will be presented because of the fast loading mobile previews.

One disadvantage of the Black AMP Theme is that it does not suit web developers who are more comfortable working with the code so as to add their own functionality.


The Black AMP Theme comes as a welcome addition to the theme family of Mobirise as a result of its additional icons, modules, and website blocks. I highly recommend making this theme your one-stop solution to designing websites.

The use of the Black AMP Theme to design your websites will result in steady and fast-rising ranking position. With no prior programming knowledge, you would be at home using the AMP Page Template to make your websites appear as you want them to.

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