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Building website has always required coding with programming languages and developing expertise. This has, therefore, made many individuals and businesses dependent on expert developers, tech gurus, and computer geeks. The innovation of Mobirise SpaceAMP AMP Business Page Template is a dream come true for many tech novices who need to create their website and include all the basic and essential features.

AMP Website Builder - free html templates

This mobile app allows both individuals and businesses to build their website without dealing with the complexities of coding or PC/mobile compatibility. This review will provide valuable insight of the latest Mobirise v4.7.2, its functions, features, and upsides of this novel technological development.

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Mobirise as AMP Website Builder

If you’re new to building and creating websites and landing pages for services, web content and products, Mobirise Website Builder steps up your game. With the app which works the same way both on PC and mobile, you can jettison the idea of hiring a web developer to build your personal or e-commerce website without any codes.

AMP Page Template - free html templates

Also, tech savvy developers who’d rather spend less time doing smaller jobs can trust Mobirise to save them valuable time. It produces accelerated mobile pages using a simple to use interface and modern website blocks that provide websites with unique designs and offline access.

Mobirise AMP free html templates

Mobirise has a rich collection of paid and free html templates that allows you to fit them to whatever purpose you want to use them for. Whether it’s for your business, restaurant, health food store, dance school, special events–name it–Mobirise combines blocks for all your website needs. You can drag and drop blocks in few seconds, customize parameters, and preview your design even before publishing. Some of them include:

  • LightAMP theme
  • EventAMP theme
  • StartupAMP theme
  • SpaceAMP theme
  • BusinessM4 theme
  • BlackAMP theme
  • CommerceM4 theme
  • RestaurantM4 Bootstrap theme
  • StoreM4 themePortfolioM4 theme
  • HotelM4 theme
  • LawyerM4 theme

SpaceAMP Theme

With SpaceAMP theme like the AMP HTML Business Template, you get an AMP Business Page Template suitable for selling/renting apartments, beauty shops, and health food store. Of course, these places are spacious environment that need to be made appealing to viewers or intended users.

This AMP Business Page Template works perfectly with other Mobirise AMP Business and free html templates and has the right widgets to represent whatever content you intend to create. You can choose a variety of design that’ll give your web users a more engaging and interesting experience as they visit your site.

AMP Site Builder - free html templates

Likewise, you can create pages for About Us, products and services, blogs, social media, and contact pages. And the best part is that they all come in rich designs; so, you could never be at a loss. It also includes AMP Business Page Template for website header, footer, map, news and team, content, subscribe, social media, text and title, counters and pricing table, slider, images and gallery, accordion and video, all for your website.

Awesome Website Blocks

Mobirise AMP has over 800 blocks including Google maps, features, progress bar & cycles, testimonials, footers, articles, images and videos, social blocks, and a host of others.

Business AMP HTML Template - free html templates

All of these blocks are available based on latest web designs and have simple processes that’ll enable you fit them into your ideal website.

Cool Features

Mobirise AMP Website Builder with its AMP HTML Template allows you to drag block to pages by selecting them in few seconds and placing them on your choice corner of a page. And if you’ll prefer to add a touch of your own style to the blocks, you can edit the content and include other media elements that’ll distinguish your website from many others.

Bootstrap Landing Page Template - free html templates

In the parameter pane, you get options to set block parameters to suit your creativity. It’s all about what you want and what your website needs. Hence, feel free to download this software and utilize the features to your advantage. Plus, you can preview how your website will appear on different devices by clicking on the “Mobile View.”

Pros and Cons


  • Free download
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from many platforms
  • Responsive internet sites
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices
  • Latest web design blocks
  • Sharp images and appealing videos
  • Uses Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4
  • Mobile friendly.

AMP Site Template - free html templates


  • Requires payment for some modules
  • Too many blocks to choose from
  • Similar design with other websites who choose certain blocks.


Even Bloomberg considers Mobirise Space AMP Business Page Template as an impressive solution to the problem of many website creation newbies. With all the benefits accrued to this software, there’s every guarantee that you can commence with basic website designs and fit them to your style before you ultimately publish them.

And since the download is free with free html templates and it works offline, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Let’s download it, shall we?

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