HTML Mobile App Template Overview

So, what is AMP?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. So, what is AMP? It is one of the most recent developments in web design. Basically, AMP is an open source library, which enables virtually anyone to harness their creative abilities and build responsive websites from scratch. It’s safe to say that with AMP and free mobile templates, everyone can build a fully functional website.

HTML Mobile App Template

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Mobirise And its AMP Themes

While AMP is the library, Mobirise is the facilitator. With Mobrise, you can build mobile-friendly websites without any prior knowledge of coding and all the associated confusions that come with building a website from scratch. Many thanks to a wide array of AMP themes available for differing industries and needs. And that’s not all. Mobrise allows you to build websites based on “latency.” In layman’s terms, this means that you can build a website using the responsiveness of your website as a yardstick to measure the success of your web design project.

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These websites which possess low latency periods, enable very fast loading speeds which aids mobile users especially when network signals around their locations seem hazy.

HTML Mobile App Template

The AppAMP HTML Bootstrap mobile app template by Mobrise as the name implies is best suited for converting leads to your page into downloading your app. Think of it as a landing page like in Affiliate marking, where you are convinced on why you should spend the money on whatever it is that’s being sold. Except here you have yourself a well-detailed website and a dedicated page to do that for you.

The colors used in the execution of this HTML mobile app template are catchy and persuasive, which are two qualities necessary to attract the attention of potential subscribers and keep them engaged long enough to make an offer.

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The enormous number of possibilities provide the option to add whatever information you feel would be most convincing to your potential app users, from feature tabs, to live count of downloads, you can be sure to engage your target demographic, while feeding them with enough information to keep them engaged and finally to download your app.

You know the best part? You need zero knowledge of coding to build the app page of your dreams. all you have to do is drag and drop, yes you heard right, drag and drop.

Useful Blocks?

The blocks available on the AMP HTML mobile app template as functional as they are breath-taking. Regardless of your preferred method of converting leads, there is a block for you.

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The wide array of blocks leaves you with what we call “the designer's block” where you find yourself in a dilemma as to what block you should choose as a result of the numerous choices of lovely blocks on the AppAMP HTML mobile app template. Some of these blocks include:

  • Headers with lead collection fields
  • Headers with a call to action
  • Headers with leads to other products
  • Feature blocks which highlight the pros of the app
  • Did I forget to mention comprehensive price listings to enable prospective users to see in a glance all the features they get for a range of prices?
  • The team and testimonial block serves as an on-site evidence of the effectiveness of your app. Think of it as Google reviews for your business.
  • Galleries and videos to display in pixels, the best image files of your app. This is where you captivate the attention of your prospective subscribers because who doesn’t wait to see images in the 21st century?
  • Finally, some very appealing contact forms and footer notes, and maybe a map guide to ensure that return customers never leave your side.

How does AppAMP work?

AppAMP works like most other AMP themes by prioritizing the speed of the site, ease of design and engagement.

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All you have to do to get AppAMPS is to buy the free mobile app website template which is less than $25 and then proceed to integrate it into you site, by this I mean tweak, drag and drop until you are satisfied the results.

Any Pros?

The advantages of using the Mobrise AppAMP theme are endless, however, below are the three most important pros of AppAMP

  • Efficient page loading speed
  • Aesthetics of the site promotes engagement
  • Ease of website building and designing.


The AppAMP theme from Mobrise can be said to be an out of the box solution for app developers who need to engage with their clients online. (the fields may be changed to suit professionals from other works of life).

Its ease of use and loading speed (website loading speed) more than make up for any deficiencies you might notice.

Simply put, AppAMP is a functional enough theme.

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