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Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.

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  • Web font icons - exciting and disappointing web trend

    In older days on the Internet the use of images was done when icons and symbols were needed. Happily there are not many cons associated with font icons, yet there are just a few that should be mentioned: Design Limitations – Symbols and graphic icons are often designed with an alternate version as well as at various sizes too.

  • Flat web design - next design trend

    Clean typography and flat design icons are only seen from the Windows 8 UI while it also present intermittent animations to display real time updates whenever one receives a new email or a calendar reminder. It has been noted that the traditional glossy icons and the use of drop shadows are no longer used by Apple in its new user interface.

  • The Iconic Fonts Revolution - Pros and Cons

    Let's look at some of the pros and cons of using icon fonts implement icons in web design, many of which are also applicable to icons made using Iconion. Icons based in web fonts are scalable to any screen size, work on any browser and can be given backgrounds and basic shadow effects. First you have to draw the icons or download the appropriate font that just happens to have all of the images you want.

  • Twitter Bootstrap Icons

    Bootstrap is among the web's most popular free open source tools, used for developing websites and other online elements, such as creating icons, buttons, forms and other elements online. Twitter's Bootstrap interface enables users to insert various Bootstrap icons, ranging from retweet icons, to arrows, hearts and stars and other symbols, also called glyphicons.

  • Do More Than Ever With Font Awesome Icons

    There’s no need to open Illustrator, Photoshop or other image editing software when scaling font awesome icons to size. It doesn’t matter what the pixel density is like or how good the device’s screen density is, the icons will look perfect. You will need fewer HTTP requests because the icons are added into on file. Just one HTTP request is required and you can load a number of icons at the same time. All the separate icons within a font are loaded together.

  • The New Iconic Fonts to Enliven Your Icon Sets

    An iconic symbol is one used as an open source in creating icons and many website designers and even webmasters are using graphical icons and fonts in order to add more attractiveness on their content and website designs. Graphic icons can add more value to your content and website design There are many reasons why graphic icons remain to be in trend and many web designers and bloggers still use them to their website design and content.

  • Symbol and Icon fonts

    Icon fonts are completely scalable, in these types of icons you can simply increase the font size and they will scale without loosing quality. For starters you have a great selection of Iconic Fonts to start creating your icons from. Any of this font faces have dozens of icons to select from and start your editing.

  • Icon builders - Comparison

    But in the case of creating icons quickly and simply with very few unnecessary steps, Iconion still wins out. You don't have to set the file resolution in advance, deal with layers or line weights, or make multiple saves while working on an icon set. In Photoshop, you would first need to design the icon from scratch, whereas Iconion icon converter gives you a library of icons to work with. If you're making a set of five icons, that's ten files.

  • Free Icon Maker - Beautiful icons with a minimum of graphics expertise and time!

    In Web and app design, one of the greatest annoyances designers are presented with is the hassle of creating icons that are clear, functional, scalable and have a consistent style. Often these icons are needed in areas that simply don't merit starting from scratch, because they denote subjects that can only be represented in so many different ways (such a search – why would anyone use anything but 'Search' or a magnifying glass?).

    Icons Set

  • Facebook Icons

    Facebook icons are a great way to help people connect with any business through facebook and are a great addition to any website, simplifying the process of connecting through this social media network. Facebook icons consist of small, simple icons which can be added and integrated easily to any website so people are able to connect with the website or business easily, simply by clicking on the icons.


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