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The power of an Application Icons

Application Icons are used to depict a particular application in a phone or computer. It is used by different application maker to launch the icon. Tapping or clicking an icon would open up the corresponding application to get it in use. It is basically a pictogram, which is a part of graphical user interface, linked to an application to help a user navigate through his IPhone, Android device, laptop or PC. They are mostly miniatures of broader symbols used in different devices which are often globally accepted. A renowned and one of the most notable icon designers once said, “Good icons should be more like road signs than illustrations, easily comprehensible, and not cluttered with extraneous detail”

Primarily, there are three types of icons;

  • Standardised Electrical Device Icons: Some icons used in IPhone applications or Android applications, or even computer icons for that matter are derived from globally used and accredited icons, for example, the power icon, restart icon, repeat icon, random icon in music applications, the warning icon, etc. These are used so that it is easily understood and acted upon by the user.
  • Metaphor Icons: Metaphor icons are the ones which are hyperlinked to the different folders available in the phone. These icons could also help you also access the different drives on the device, for example, the trash icon, etc.
  • Brand Icons: The third category of icons could be the symbol of a particular brand that launches the icon. They function the same way by hyperlinking the third party application. For example, Avast icon, Facebook Icon, Twitter icon
Application icons

These icons can be created using different softwares and web help available in the internet. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used such software. You can also choose others like Visual Studio, etc. You have to be absolutely sure to choose the picture or display of your icon. Choosing the right resolution is also one of the prime factors since that would directly impact the quality of your icon. Remember, the icon you design, especially if you are a third party application provider, your icon would be the first impression on the user.

Once you develop the icon and save it, or if you have done it with the help of the websites available, you have downloaded it, the next task is to hyperlink the icon to your application. This would include deciding on where the application would be stored, how would be accessed, etc. Once you have done that, you are ready to go!


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