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Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.

Symbol Fonts

  • Symbol font icon vs image icon

    Embedding a symbol font is much beneficial than the CSS sprite. It helps to move the tiny icons into a single file of fonts. The file size and the caching of the symbol font is look like a CSS sprite, but it has some other benefits including high-resolution displays. Many high-traffic websites have replaced their site’s image icons into single symbol fonts. These fonts are used as icons, glyphs, and decorations.

  • Symbol and Icon fonts

    Symbol and Icon fonts have been a great trend in Web Design for quite some time and with great reason, they work well for all kinds of websites and are super easy to place on your content. Why should I use these fonts? Well I just mentioned a couple of reasons but don't worry because there a lot more good ones on why you should consider using icon fonts: Icon fonts are completely scalable, in these types of icons you can simply increase the font size and they will scale without loosing quality.

    Symbol Fonts

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