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Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.

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  • Symbol font icon vs image icon

    Symbol fonts turn the blocky raster icon images into smooth vector images through HTML. Vectors provide more facilities than the rasterized images. Rasterized images cannot scale up their size when those are seen from a high-resolution display. On the other hand, the vector images don’t have such problems as they can be scaled up in any displays and the size of the images will be the same in any display.

    Icon Images

  • The New Iconic Fonts to Enliven Your Icon Sets

    The iconion software offers the solution for your icon designing needs with the ability to convert scalable vector icons into one of customized images and designs. Create your vector graphics according to your likes and preferences, customize and design them and then save your work according to your chosen design format in bmp, png and jpeg images.

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