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Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.

Web Font Icons

  • Font Awesome, Entypo, Linecons, Typeicons

    It is that singular tool which can help you fashion all types of png icons from icon fonts. Remarkably easy to use, Iconion has proved to be a really handy tool when it comes to png icons designing. One of the most remarkable features of Iconion is that all kinds of icons can be created with it. They can be website favicons or multi-colored icons; every sort of png icon is possible to be formed with Iconion.

  • Icon fonts - Introduction, Importance and Generation

    An Icon Font is a collection of icons packed as a web font which can be later used on website using some rules and css etc. There are so many benefits of using Icon fonts on websites over icons images. An http request is made to let the font work on your website and reduce page load size as these are only fonts not an image. Some of best and free icon fonts providers are: IcoMoon, Font Awesome, Social Media Icon, Web Symbols and Zurb Foundation Icons etc.

  • Font Awesome Icons Problems

    Font Awesome gives us scalable vector icons which can instantly be customized size, drop shadow, color and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. Why Font Awesome does not work sometime? Problems of Font Awesome with Internet Explorer (Version 8,9) - Font Awesome not showing in IE7,8,9: Problems of Font Awesome with Mozilla Firefox - Font Awesome not loading in Firefox: Problems of Font Awesome with mobiles (iOS, Android, etc.) - Font Awesome not working with mobile (iOS, Android):

  • How to convert Font Awesome to png icons

    Font Awesome provides a unique iconic font that is designed for Twitter bootstrap. It comes with icons that are scalable for customization using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). You can optimize the various parameters of your icons with Font Awesome such as changing the font type, font size, icon size, colors, margins, shadow, width and other advanced positioning of an icon. Font Awesome Enticing Features

  • Symbol font icon vs image icon

    Embedding a symbol font is much beneficial than the CSS sprite. It helps to move the tiny icons into a single file of fonts. The file size and the caching of the symbol font is look like a CSS sprite, but it has some other benefits including high-resolution displays. Many high-traffic websites have replaced their site’s image icons into single symbol fonts. These fonts are used as icons, glyphs, and decorations. Almost all web browsers including IE6 can embed fonts in an HTML page.

  • Web font icons - exciting and disappointing web trend

    Certainly when there are these new web development trends they can affect us in two ways. Luckily for web designers and developers Icon fonts do not take this road. In older days on the Internet the use of images was done when icons and symbols were needed. They can be used without any sacrifice with cross-browser support and by implementing them the CSS font properties will also benefit the designer.

  • The Iconic Fonts Revolution - Pros and Cons

    Ever since the advent of @font-face in CSS (supported even in Internet Explorer since version 4.), web designers have found themselves free from the constraints of specifying fallback fonts likely to appear on all operating systems. Not only has this revolutionized web-based typesetting for content and navigation, but the increasing number of web-friendly icon fonts has allowed designers to use font glyphs to replace buttons and small graphics.

  • Do More Than Ever With Font Awesome Icons

    There’s no need to open Illustrator, Photoshop or other image editing software when scaling font awesome icons to size. It doesn’t matter what the pixel density is like or how good the device’s screen density is, the icons will look perfect. You will need fewer HTTP requests because the icons are added into on file. Just one HTTP request is required and you can load a number of icons at the same time. Many web designers are opting for fontawesome iconfont compared to anything else.

  • The New Iconic Fonts to Enliven Your Icon Sets

    An iconic symbol is one used as an open source in creating icons and many website designers and even webmasters are using graphical icons and fonts in order to add more attractiveness on their content and website designs. Graphic icons can add more value to your content and website design There are many reasons why graphic icons remain to be in trend and many web designers and bloggers still use them to their website design and content.

  • Symbol and Icon fonts

    Icon fonts are completely scalable, in these types of icons you can simply increase the font size and they will scale without loosing quality. i.camera-icon { color: #4BCED1; font-size: 24px; } If you don't optimize the font you are probably gonna end up with a lot of unused characters that are just occupying space on your server. For starters you have a great selection of Iconic Fonts to start creating your icons from.

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