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Iconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.

Map Icon

  • Icon archive

    If you need an icon and you don't want to create one, go to Icon Archive. I know your thinking that it would probably take forever to find the icon you’re looking for but don’t worry, the website has a robust search engine that will help you find any icon you’re looking for in seconds. There is an icon for every need or desire that you have.

  • Application Icons for Windows and Mac OS

    To change the icon of the executable application file itself which is presented on the desktop, it’s necessary to employ another platform-dependent technique. Various operating systems have different standard icon sizes. Also windows 8 support 30х30, 50x50 and 150x150 application icon. For toolbar icon, it has to be 16x16, 24x24 and 32x32.

  • Iconfinder free icons - The importance of icons in a website

    When you’re creating a website, the relevance of icons doesn’t become apparent right away. But soon enough you want people to contact you, call you, send you an email, or follow you in different social networks.

  • PNG icons in landing pages

    Landing pages are all the rage nowadays. They should have been since the beginning of web design, but more and more we’re coming t...

  • Free icons download - How to design Icons

    If you want to design an icon that sells, you need to take into account the target audience, decide the size, the meaning that it has to convey and the style. We will have a look at the approach that you can adopt to design an icon as per your requirement and that sells. You can design either an individual icon or a group of similar icons that work together.

  • How to convert Font Awesome to png icons

    You can optimize the various parameters of your icons with Font Awesome such as changing the font type, font size, icon size, colors, margins, shadow, width and other advanced positioning of an icon. Its scalable vectors allow you to change the size of your icon in order to fit any design and make your iconic designs look awesome. Extract the Font Awesome icon by exporting the play and stop icon in 24 x 24 image pixel using this code.

  • Long Shadow Icon Design

    This simple addition has made much difference of the icon designs and have given them more depth and a much elegant appearance. There are also websites that allow you to professionally design your own icon to make it into a long shadow icon set. A very good example is iconion.com, where you can easily design your own icon just how you like.

  • Symbol font icon vs image icon

    According to the designers, the design for an icon or logo is subtly different at different sizes. For example, the design for 20 point icon or logo will be the same for 6 point or 120 point. So, if you want to get different designs for different font sizes, you have to create a duplicate icon from the font file and set the appropriate glyph. You may give background colors, but when it is about multicolored icon, it symbol font cannot help you in that case.

  • Facebook like icon and it’s website use

    But, there are also countless websites today that have their own facebook account and an icon that says like us on facebook.

    Map Icon

  • Flat icons - What is a flat web design exactly?

    “Everything is design. Everything!” ― Paul Rand In the mind of the customer a website design is a reflection of the organization it is for.


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